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A letter to Mr. Hoge asking to acknowledge a donation made to the Berry Schools from Henry R. Sedgwick. Roger via Mrs. John Henry Hammond.


Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Liebold to acknowledge the receipt of letter and check in payment for the Girls School Recitation Hall and New Water Supply.

A letter from the secretary of Henry Ford about a big donation to go towards the new recitation hall.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Carlson for sending her suggestions on caring for the buildings. She also says that Mr. Hoge will send money the next day. She apologizes for the delay, saying that she has been so focused on what was happening in New York and that all the money has been poured into the endowment fund, leaving little for the running expenses.

Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Liebold enclosing the statement from Coolidge and Carson with the bills paid for heating and structural engineering. He discusses matters laid out in the Form of Agreement and other monetary matters with the new building.


E.H. Hoge, Comptroller for the Berry Schools, acknowledge receipt of a check of $8610.93 for the new water supply.


E. H. Hoge writes to Mr. Campsall, a representative of Mr. Ford, to request a stock of parts. He encloses a list of parts needed.


J. S. Kennedy replies to The Berry Schools' letter of the 6th, attention to E. H. Hoge. He says that the Endowment Account at Pryor Street is the almost the same as the one at Whitehall Street so he places it on the same basis as the Whitehall Street Accounts, with a 2/5% interest rate on balances of $5,000 and above.

The Merriam Coal Company writes to the Berry Schools, in particular Mr. E. H. Hoge, to send their last subscription payment, wishing that their contribution to the schools could be greater.

Martha Berry writes to E. H. Hoge telling him that she authorizes him to pay for property around Hammond's Hill that may be purchased for the need of water power development according to Mr. Keown's judgement.

E. H. Hoge writes to Mr. Prescott, reminding him that the second installment of his subscription to the Endowment Fund will be due on January 1st.

Mr. Hoge writes to the Grahams to remind them of their pledge to the Berry Schools, the first installment of which is due in July. He thanks them again in helping with the great mission of the Berry Schools.

Hoge reminds Jones of his commitment to semi-annual installments on a $100 subscription.

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