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Miss Berry writes to Mrs. L. H. Taylor to thank her for endowing a day in memory of Dr. Taylor and tells her the caretaker says Dr. Taylor was "the finest man who had visited Berry." She also asks that Mrs. Taylor and her daughter come visit the schools.


Mrs. Taylor sends the check to endow a day in her husband's memory from her and her daughter.

Mrs. Taylor writes to the secretary to inform her that the gift was only from herself and her daughter and had nothing to do with her sister.

Mrs. Taylor writes to endow a day in memory of Dr. Taylor (the day of his death, or Heavenly Birthday) and asks if Miss Berry can do that for her if she promises to send the money a little later.

Hollenback regrets that other commitments and financial losses make it impossible for her to contribute to endowing a day in honor of Dr. Taylor at this time.

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