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In this letter Martha Berry tells Lt. Hawkins that it was good to hear from him and she thanks him for all of his work for the Berry Schools.

Gifford Gordon thanks Martha Berry for the package sent from the arts and crafts department. He would like more information about it in order to make a donation. Gordon and his wife both appreciate the schools and talk about them often.

Martha Berry writes to Tracy Byers asking him to return in September to do some teaching and publicity work for the school. She also discusses the recent commencement.

Letter to Mr. H.G. Hamrick form Martha Berry asking him to tell the workers at the next meeting that she appreciated the telegram from Dr. Green telling her that they all wanted donate 10% of their salaries to help the schools. However, she informs him she has thought it over and that although she appreciates their offer that because of their great responsibilities that she would still like to pay them their full salaries. She also informs Mr. Hamrick that she will always remember their willingness to support the schools.

Mrs. Hutchins is informed that, in Miss Berry's absence, her letter about admittance to the schools has been forwarded to the Principal, Mr. Green. Mr. Green will send her some information on entering the Berry Schools.

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