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Martha Berry informs Dr. Proctor that, although he noted in his previous letter that a check was enclosed, there was not one there. The author informs him that Miss Berry is away in Europe until the fall and expresses their thanks for his interest in the schools.

Martha Berry encloses a letter from Mr. Alston and informs Mr. Forbes that Dr. Ray said every dentist in the district was perfectly willing. She says that she does not understand what it is all about, but she has a thousand students that need attending and she would like some action on this.

Martha Berry writes to Dee Tobben thanking her for her gift and expressing her disappointment that the Tobbens did not make it back for Commencement. She says that she never passes the Dental Clinic or Mr. Green's office without thinking of Dr. Tobben and Dee.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to Dr. Chas Procter thanking him for his kind letter about the Berry Schools.

Charles Proctor writes a long letter to Martha Berry talking about fund raising, recruiting a resident dentist for the Berry Schools, a plan to build the endowment, the upcoming Berry commencement and the birthday gift Mr. Proctor received from the boys at Berry.

Miss Berry appreciates Mr. Proctot's letter indicating the new friends he made for Berry. Mr. Green, the Principal of the Berry Schools, will also be informed of the young dentist they may hire. The moving pictures of the Berry Schools will also be sent to Mr. Proctot.

Letter detailing the arrival of dental equipment for the school and an open invitation for the sender to visit.

Proctor advises that the plaque for the dental clinic has been shipped from New York and hopes that the engraving, which includes a line from a poem written by his son two days before he died, meets with Berry's approval. He describes his planned visit to survey the dental condition of the students, which he believes can be done efficiently. Proctor recently spoke with Dr. Herman C. Bumpus, former president of Tufts College, who wishes to make a visit to Berry soon.

Proctor encloses the bills of lading for dental equipment he is donating to the school, and asks about placing a plaque inside the dental clinic explaining his gift. Proctor repeats a suggestion that he come to the school after the clinic is in operation in order to learn more about the dental needs of the students and provides assurance that he intends to provide for the proper upkeep of the equipment.

Miss Berry writes to say she had to leave Atlanta and could not stay to see the x-ray of her teeth. She asks to please be let know what they show and see will make a appointment to have any necessary work done.

Letter from Thomas P. Hinman, DDS to Miss Martha Berry regarding arrangements for Miss Martha Wright's dental work.

Mr. Hinman tells Martha Berry that she should come in promptly to get taken care of.

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