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A letter from E. H. Hoge to Martha Berry regarding the financial situation of the schools and his suggestions on how to reduce the costs, including decreasing the work force and not entering any new business ventures. He also states that the school took in far less money than at that time the year before.

Berry suggests that Williams and her husband try to get jobs at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and offers to write recommendations for them.

Miss Berry writes Mrs. Seeler to thank her for her gift and ask her to visit the Berry Schools. She thanks Mrs. Seeler for her help with the dairy and her support of thoroughbred Jerseys.

Grabel suggests that Hammond not wait until the spring to interest Mrs. Marshall Field in Berry and describes examples of projects Mrs. Field has taken a past interest in. A note, possibly from Hammond to Martha Berry, suggests writing Mrs. Field and asking to visit.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes to enclose bills and say that the Berry Schools owe him a great deal of money, a situation that cannot go on. He also mentions a letter from Mr. Hamrick requesting working drawings for a lookout tower, which he will send as soon as they are prepared.

Receipt for payment for services in connection with the dairy.

Harry J. Carlson responds to Martha Berry's request for advice about getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees by counseling that she wait to discuss the matter with Bierwirth in person. Carlson comments further on fundraising and hopes that the "Detroit friends" will postpone their visit. He asks Berry to have Mr. Skinner respond more fully about the dairy.

The Berry Schools thank Mr. Crane for the gift he sent as their funds are very low at this time. They update Mr. Crane on the boys and girls activities during the summer.

Martha writes to Mr. Anderson with literature about the cattle breeding and dairying at the school. She tells him about how the school is funded and hopes that the literature will reach him at a time he could help them.

Letter discusses the plans for a new dairy house and a recent anniversary celebration.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Fearn and her brother for their donation in memory of their mother.

Since Sibley Farms has not had a calf suitable for the school, Sibley encloses a check.

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