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Martha writes to express her apology for being unable to meet in Rochester, and notes that when she comes to New York again that she hopes they can visit.

Nicholoy asks if Miss Berry would meet Wednesday evening for the Cosmopolitan Club.

Wire requesting a room be held at the Cosmopolitan Club NYC for one week.

The treasurer of the Cosmopolitan Club sends Martha Berry a letter acknowledging the check she sent to pay dues to the club. The letter is sent from 133 East 40th Street.

Because there have been many people who have recently relocated, Martha Berry writes to Cora Neal asking for a telephone directory of New York City. Several letters sent from the school have been returned.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Jessup to accept non-resident membership in the Cosmopolitan Club. She also questions her membership fee of $82 when the fee for all other members is quoted at $50.

Mrs. Jane Bruere writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the gift of a copy of the Southern Highlander as well as a copy of The Sunday Lady of Possum Trot.

Catharine C. Smith sends thanks from the Archives Committee to Martha Berry for sending a photograph.

Miss Berry informs the club that she will be arriving Friday afternoon and her neice Virginia Campbell will be coming Sunday as her guest. She asks that a room be reserved for Miss Campbell.

Letter regarding the recent luncheon at the Cosmopolitan Club and mentioning the hope for Mr. Cameron's visit to speak at graduation. She mentions the expectation of a portrait of Henry Ford as an anniversary gift for the schools.

Jane Bruere informs Martha Berry that they do not have an opening for her to speak to the Cosmopolitan Club during the week of Dec. 6, 1936.

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