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Mrs. Orlando Weber contributed $100 toward furnishing student rooms for the Pilgrim Hall campaign.

Weber encloses a check to endow Clare S. Weber's birthday, August 7.

This is a letter from the Berry School to Mrs. Weber pertaining to quilts. The school is happy that she is pleased with the quilt. As soon as the Sunshine Cottage reopens in the fall, she will be receiving a larger quilt upon her earlier request.

Weber praises the quilt she got for her children and orders a large one for herself.

Mary Powelson, secretary to Clare H. Weber, writes to thank Berry for her letter about the quilt.

Berry writes to Mrs. Weber with a receipt for the money for the four quilts that she had ordered from Berry.

This letter expresses interest in the Berry Schools after the author heard Martha Berry speak. The author enclosed $300 to fund a scholarship for two Berry students and an expressed wish to do more one day for the Berry students.

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