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Martha writes to Miss Morten that it's against school policy for individual students to get gifts or letters from friends outside the school. But they will be happy to have anything sent at Christmas to be gifts for the students.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Frank R. Abbey in appreciation of her gift.

Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for how she and her secretary operate their business system. She tells Mrs. Hammond about the wonderful Christmas Tree they had at Possum Trot. She also tells her about the letters she has received from people who think Berry has raised over two million dollars and that she is going to correct these people in the next Highlander.

P. H. Jown of M. Rich & Bros. Co. writes to tell Martha Berry about a Christmas package they have sent for the Christmas tree at The Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Nesbitt thanking her for the letter and gift which "just touched my heart." She also says that it was a joy to see Mr. and Mrs. Nesbitt and that she hopes 1929 will also bring a visit from them. She says that she will always be interested in what Elizabeth Faith does.

In this letter Sears, Roebuck, and Co. tell Martha Berry that while they would like to help by donating merchandise for the Christmas tree, that they cannot because they get so many offers nationwide, and by donating to everyone that asks they would have to raise prices.

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