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Martha Berry asks Miss Forrest to arrange a meeting of the Hartford DAR where Inez Wooten can speak and present an exhibit from the Sunshine Cottage. Martha Berry thanks Miss Forrest for the gifts she sent at Christmas and explains that the students only had Christmas Day as a holiday


Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Frank R. Abbey in appreciation of her gift.

Katharine Lee Grable wishes Miss Berry a Happy New Year and thanks her for the unique paper cutter she recieved.

Letter from Katharine Ogden, Headmistress of The Liggett School, to Miss Martha Berry enclosing $333.25 in donations from the teachers and students of the Liggett School and notifying her of holiday gifts being sent separately.

List of those to receive special gifts for Christmas.

Maywood Smith (Mrs. Eugene R. Smith) sends Martha Berry a parcel with gifts for Martha to distribute to the mountain children when she visits as Santa Claus. Mrs. Smith hopes that Martha Berry will be stronger and have renewed vigor this holiday season. Page two of the letter has shorthand notation.

Mr. ... thanks Miss Berry for the box of cotton she sent for Christmas.

Although broken in mailing, Lucy W. Denny sends her thanks for the jar of jam sent to her.

This letter was sent to Ms. Berry thanking her for a jar of blackberry jelly she sent and also to wish the schools well.

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