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Martha Berry thanks the recipients for their Christmas gifts to the school and hopes that they had a beautiful Christmas.

A Christmas Greetings letter reminding James Kraft's friends of the importance of perspective and motivation behind work, and having the right mindset. He gives an example explaining the importance of realizing the true purpose of such actions as looking beyond mixing the mortar and realizing that "I am helping build a cathedral to the glory of God."

A letter to a publishing company from Miss Martha Berry requesting six copies of the book, "The Runner's Bible" with hopes of a speedy delivery so she might get it in the mail and delivered before Christmas.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Enck for her help with things for the children at Possum Trot. She says it will bring much cheer during the Christmas season. She also wishes that Mrs. Enck could see the Christmas tree with her.

Berry thanks Mr. Hornblower for his donation of National Geographics, and invites him to visit the schools this winter.

Martha Berry expresses her gratitude for Mr. Holt's tremendous monetary contribution to the Possum Trot children in a time of great need. She includes the thanks of the children and a description of their Christmas celebration.

Martha Berry thanks the Hoges for their Christmas gift to Berry. She says that it means more to her when people living at the school give to help it. She hopes that more graduates and workers will give to the school.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hoge for sending a check and prays that the New Year is happier than the past year has been for her. She thanks her again for her kindness.

Evelyn Hoge thanks Martha Berry for allowing her and Paul to visit the Berry Schools. She goes on to express her happiness in being still considered one of her girls. She also talks about her husband's great appreciation for finally meeting Martha Berry, and how so many people envy this opportunity.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hamrick for sending her a copy of Dickens' Christmas Carol. Miss Berry says she was glad to see Martha Hamrick and Mildred, and she hopes that Miss Shirley Hamrick can visit soon.

Martha Berry thanks Johm Graham for sending her a clipping and asks that he send her more so that she can know what is going on in New York. She mentions that she saw his family and that several people are coming to visit. She then mentions that she has been thinking about going to New York, but is afraid that she will get sick. She finishes the letter by thanking him and wishing him a blessed Christmas.

A letter of thanks from Mrs. Green to Martha Berry for the Christmas present of a pretty plant. She goes on to describe how happy her and her family are there at Berry during the Christmas season. She writes of the great Christmas spirit and joy that Berry brings to the holidays, and their great happiness in being apart of it. She mentions losing her mother earlier that year, and also describes her mother's great love and dedication to the school as well.

Stephenson sends some gifts for the boys and girls from Santa Claus.

Berry thanks Shaw for the gift he sent and asks for his opinion on a manuscript written by someone at Berry about the Berry schools. She apologizes for not seeing Mrs. Shaw while she was in New York City.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Smythe a thank you letter for the gift that she sent the Berry Schools. She also mentions her coming up again to see the changed that they made and how the girls and boys are growing up. Berry also comments about Mr. Hoehler's good work as the head of the welfare work in Cincinnati.

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