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A letter to Mr. Hodges from Martha Berry hoping that he will come for a visit soon and see the campus in the beauty of full spring and bring friends along for a nice visit.

Berry expresses her delight that Inez will be able to make a trip to Chautauqua, and that Emily Vanderbilt Hammond will be there as well. She thanks Pennybacker for visiting the school and informs her that Inez has received the Chautauqua bulletin.

A telegraph discussing a distinguished mutual friend between Paul Kruesi and Martha Berry.

Mr. Draper hopes to visit Martha Berry on his next trip to Chattanooga.

Mr. Draper lets Martha Berry know when he hopes to see her.

Mr. Draper lets Martha Berry know of his tentative plans as to the best way for them to meet.

Mrs. Bryant responds to Miss Berry's letter and says she isn't sure that she'd be able to finish a quilt in the summer but could in the fall. She says that if Miss Berry can't find someone to do it sooner and asks her to do it she will guarantee Miss Berry's happiness with her work.

Martha Berry writes to Audrey with advice about her plans to work and get out on her own with her baby. Martha Berry advises Audrey to stay with Mrs Williams and care for her baby.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Miss Grace Everett that she will not be at the schools during the time Miss Grace Everett wants to visit which was stated in a previous letter.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond writes to Martha Berry following the 1926 Chautauqua. She references a letter to Mr. Ochs and asks for approval from Martha Berry to have her letter published in the Chattanooga newspaper. Mrs. Hammond inquires whether money has arrived at Berry from several personal and business contacts made earlier in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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