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S. T. Reid writes about the "splendid editorial" in the Charlotte Observer about The Berry Schools and tells Miss Berry that he'll get her a copy if she doesn't get one. He also congratulates her on her winning Annual Achievement Award. His post script explains that he owned a control in the General Forrest Hotel building and frequently went out to Miss Berry's "wonderful property."

Erwin A. Holt writes to Miss Edith Johnson, librarian of Berry's Memorial Library, about his donation of some copies of Reverend Shoemaker's book "The Religion That Works". He also says that he has sent an article from the Charlotte Observer that featured Miss Berry and requests folders relative to Miss Berry from Edith Johnson.

In this letter Eugene Holt congratulates Martha Berry on winning the Pictorial Review. She says that the Greensboro Daily news and the Charlotte Observer had very nice things to say about her.

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