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A letter to Martha Berry informing her of the company's change of address for Berry's records.

Berry learned of Osborn's love of trees from Mrs. E.P. Mallory, and invites Osborn to make an appearance at the Berry Schools to talk to the boys and girls.

Letter to Anna W. Hollenback from Martha Berry thanking her for her gift at their most dire time of need at the Berry Schools. She informs Miss Hollenback that she was abroad this summer, not at Nauheim but at Carlsbad, where she took the cure but that once she returned to the schools the stress of the situation has made her quite ill again. She blames the drought as well as the depression for the greater needs of the schools as well as the difficulty to raise any money in the economic situation.

Miss Berry writes about the recent drought that affected the crops at the schools and asks Mr. Macy for any donations that he could offer.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kelley reflecting on their visits together. She apologizes for not having written sooner for she has been busy and not feeling well.



Martha Berry talks about her trip, her health, and invites Mr. Fries to speak at Berry.

Martha Berry reaches out to Mr. Crane and lets him know that she is doing better.

This letter to Miss Martha Berry from Thos. Cook & Son is a check covering the cancellation of a reservation at Oberammergau by the Wagon Lits office in Carlsbad.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Chambers for everything that she has done over the years for the girls at the schools. She then tells her that she saw Mr. Waller at Carlsbad and told him of her help at the schools. Martha Berry finally says that she will see Mrs. Chambers in New York in November.

Martha Berry reports that she has recently returned from Mentone, where she worked on repairing her mother's house. She writes of asking for special rates for Berry teachers and friends at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and says that she plans to spend time in Carlsbad soon.

Martha Berry writes of her plans to spend time at Tate and the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and asks Neal to join her.

Martha Berry writes to thank V. Everit Macy for a gift for Pilgrim Hall and describes the beginning of construction of the residence hall. She writes tenderly of his wife Edith Carpenter Macy, of the library given in her memory, and of her own waning strength.

Berry updates Ladd on her health and her summer after not being able to write to her for quite some time. Berry speaks of her loneliness during her summer rest, when she thought of Ladd often and always felt her near.

Martha Berry wonders if it might be possible to get together with Anna W. Hollenback in New York. Berry describes her trip to Germany and reminisces about the "flying trip" she took with Hollenback.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Crane with her plans to spend a month in Carlsbad in the summer and her regrets that the Cranes will not be there as well.

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