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Miss Berry thanks Mr. Callaway for his gift towards an endowed scholarship in memory of Dr. Enoch Callaway. She informs him of the need for donations at Berry and how hard they can be to come by, and invites him to visit the school if he is ever in the area.

Cason Callaway writes to Miss Berry informing her that at this time they will continue regular quarterly donations of $25 rather than endowing a day in memory of Fuller E. Callaway.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Cason Callaway a letter about keeping his father's memory alive through endowing a day in his memory.

Mr. Cason Callaway sends Miss Berry a letter thanking her for her condolences and sympathy following his father's death.

Mr. Cason Callaway sent Miss Berry a telegram stating that his father passed away and the time of the funeral.

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