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Martha Berry writes to Ida McCullough, introducing her to Tracy Byers. She states that Mr. Byers has been at the school writing the story of her life and would like to interview Miss McCullough to learn about Miss Berry's early life. Miss Berry asks her to give him an accurate portrayal of Miss Berry's father, Captain Thomas Berry. She also sends her sympathies concerning Miss McCullough's broken arm and expresses her hope to receive a visit from her in the early fall.

Miss Berry writes to thank her for her promise of a gift in November and says that they are in need of great help because they were unable to meet their teacher's salaries in November. She takls about Mr. Byer's help and that she'll need to try public speaking again.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Carlisle to update her on her life, saying she's back at work from Europe and feeling much better and that it's nice to have Mr. Byers helping out. She also says that they can't afford the interior decorator's plans and that the crops have all dried up and they have to begin again.

Miss Berry sends her sympathy to Mrs. Carlisle at the death of her father-in-law. She also talks about her upcoming trip to Mauheim and her lack of energy to work on Mr. Byer's story.



Mr. Carlisle wires to say that it seems like Byers should return immediately and finish his book and asks for Miss Berry's approval.


Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Carlisle for sending Mr. Byers and tells her how helpful he has been. She speaks of Commencement and her business since the interior decorater left. She says that she thinks the plans the decorater left will be too expensive so she won't do anything. She hopes to visit Mrs. Carlisle in New York or Connecticut.

Martha Berry writes to Geo. Carlisle to thank him for lending Mr. Byers to the Berry Schools. She mentions that Mr. Meacham and Mr. Alston will be arriving on campus soon and talks about Inez Wooten Henry's wedding.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Carlisle to ask him to be present at the annual trustees meeting and acknowledges that he may be unable since he just recently made the trip to Berry. She explains that there are crowds of guests probably coming just to see the Ford buildings and that Mr. Byers has been very helpful with publicity work.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Carlisle for sending Mr. Byers and Miss Earnshaw because they have been and will be such helps. She also mentions Mr. and Mrs. Ford's visit and that they brought Sir Wilfred Crenfall and Lady Crenfall.

Berry writes that Mr. Byers is returning to the Schools and needs his room back so he can finish his book.


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