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This letter is written on an appeal letter sent out by Martha Berry. In the letter Mrs. Pell send one hundred dollars towards the building of a new boys dormitory.

The Goldthwaits enclose a donation following the dormitory fire.

Letter from W.A. Douglass to Martha Berry accompanying a monetary donation because the boy's dormitory burned down.

A seventy-five year old dormitory for boys at the foundation school went up in flames. Martha Berry is asking for a small gift of any amount to rebuild the dormitory. This letter is a response with a check enclosed from J. E. Caldwell.

Mr. Ballantyne explains that the boys of Seventh Presbyterian are sending $50 to help the rebuilding of the Boy's Dormitory that was lost in the fire.

This is a letter in which Mrs. Lydia Hodge wrote Martha Berry donating $50.00 for the new boy's dormitory at the Berry Schools.

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