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Mr. Hastings thanks Miss Berry for her previous letter and says if they bring the conference to Georgia, they plan to take a trip throughout the state, including the Berry Schools.

Author explains th convention of National Editorial Association will hold convention at Atlanta Biltmore Hotel and offers to send group of editors to Berry ScHools if Ms. Berry invite NEA to come to Georgia.

A letter from Martha Berry offering to send a number of the schools' quartets to the Biltmore Hotel for their Berry program.

Inman is back at her desk after a year's delay in working on the Mothers' Building. She sends instruction to Bessie Bonner about a Berry exhibit in Atlanta, asking her to prepare "all things beautiful" and made at Berry, and to include the Girls' Quartet as entertainment. Inman is concerned that the attention of potential supporters in Atlanta will be diverted to the Rabun Gap school.

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