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Inez writes from New York about plans for the visit of a feature writer to the schools, and Martha Berry's wish to be at the school during the visit. She discusses travel plans, and then speaks of the weather in Rochester.

Louise Inman writes to Miss Bonner asking her for the address of Miss Dorothy Farr because the letter Miss Bonner forwarded to her has only the address "Selfair Hospital." Louise Inman also writes that if Miss Berry is back she'd like to spend Tuesday of the next week with her.

R. B. Stewart, from the Sales Department of the Ruralist Press, asks Miss Bonner to phone them if the editorial copy they are sending is satisfactory. If not, they must mail the changes by special delivery.

Berry will be at the Athenaeum Hotel in Chataugua, NY and asks Bonner to have Mrs. Wright write to her there. She asks Bonner to see her mother and let her know how she is. Donations from Mrs. Henry Whiting are enclosed. On letterhead from Dellwood, Mt. Kisco, NY home of Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

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