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In this letter Martha Berry thanks Sam Clay for her interest in the Berry Schools and says that she will send some literature to use at State Conference.

Martha Berry sent a letter to A. R. Gresham about literature on Berry schools. Also including some pleasantries about a visit from a Miss Gresham hoping for another from her and from Mrs. Gresham as well.

In this letter The Berry Schools say that they are sending all they can for Mrs. Inman's exhibit. They took samples she had in her trunk so they can send a similar variety of what Miss Berry has just not the quantity.

In this letter Martha Berry sends Mrs. Rodgers a piece of Berry literature. She tells Mrs. Rodgers that for only $150 a day she could keep a student at Berry for a year.

In this letter Martha Berry sends some literature about the Berry Schools. She tells Mrs. Hill that she founded the school twenty five years ago and that there are almost seven hundred students now. She goes on to say that if she were strong enough she would come see her right away but she cannot so a letter will have to do.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Price for trying to locate a different Mrs. Price. She also says that she is going to send some literature about the schools.

Inman asks for new leaflets to accompany her solicitation for the Mother's Building. She gives examples of previously done materials that she wishes to have "made appropriate for 1927" and urges Green to move quickly to develop something that will be appealing through the mail. Written on Mother's Building stationery.

This letter talks about sending Mr. Krishnayya literature about the Berry Schools for his paper. It explains that although the work of the schools has grown its purpose to educate mountain boys and girls for American Citizenship.

Mr. Wart ask for literature descriptive of the "Verry" Schools sent to him.

Martha Berry sends Mrs Maxwell literature about Berry so that she can prepare for her speech about Berry. Martha Berry remarks about the support to Berry from the DAR over the years has helped Berry to succeed.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. LeVan thanking her for a letter and suggesting that she stop by the Berry Schools on her way to the north.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Kauser informing her they do not have the same pamphlets like Mr. Carlisle had, but hopes the new literature they are sending her will make do.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Doyle for buying some of the articles he girls had made. She also says that she is going to send him literature about the schools to read and also to take abroad. At the very end she says that she looks forward to receiving his magazines.

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