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Emma C. Reynolds sends New Years greetings to Miss Berry, as well as wishing for the continued success of the Berry Schools. She also thanks Miss Berry for the candy and Christmas greetings she received, and appreciates the hard work that the Berry school girls put into making the candy.

Mrs. Allen thanks Ms. Berry for the box of candy she received. She also recounts how she remembered seeing Ms. Berry at one of her functions in Augusta, promoting the school, and hopes to meet her next spring.

Fanny Adams thanks Miss Berry and the Berry School girls for a box of delicious candy and praises the girls for a job well done.

Mr Johnson writes Miss Berry to thank her for the box of Berry candy which has been sent to him in Asheville NC at the Grove Park Inn

Mr. Orr thanks The Berry Schools for the box of Berry candy which he will take home to "the young ladies."

Letter praises the box of Berry Candy Orr and family enjoyed on Christmas.

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