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Joyce Harriman is writing her Master's thesis in Fine Arts at Ohio State on the subject of "Appalachian Weaving", and asks the Berry Schools if they have any literature or examples they can provide for her.

Chas Morgan writes to proclaim his interest in Berry. He says that, though he works at Berea College, he deeply admires the Berry Schools and is proud that he is a Berry graduate. He requests that Martha Berry call upon him if ever there is a way in which he can be of service to Berry.

Milton is disappointed that poor health prevented her from visiting Berry on her way north. She has sent to Berea College a table and shoe box for which the designs are currently popular in New York, hoping they will copy and sell the items. If Berry arranges to copy the items as well, she can assist in selling them. Milton describes her speaking engagements at the Southern Industrial Educational Association, provides news of mutual friends, and tells Berry about a prospective donor, Mrs. Edward Moen.

Milton sends a follow up about rugs, advising that since she has heard from Mrs. Ernberg at Berea they do not like modern art, Berry should return the rugs to her or her daughter. Milton lets Berry know that she has reserved her table for the New York birthday dinner and provides personal news.

Milton notifies Berry that she is sending European rugs, asking that Berry send them on to Berea. Milton discusses her own taste in art, but concedes that modern things are currently more popular. She suggests that for "mountain" crafts to sell for their artistic value, rather than as charity, modern fashions should be taken into consideration.

Berry discusses the school's financial accounting, comparing it to other institutions and sharing her distress at letters Hammond had shared that seem to have asserted that Berry expenses were extravagant.

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