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Miss Berry responds to Mrs. Parker's inquiry about a girl named Mary Chester. She informs her that no such girl has ever attended Berry according to Berry's very complete records and that she has confused it with another school.

Mrs. Williams writes to Martha Berry that they almost crossed paths in Augusta, GA while she was returning from Florida. She sent a $150 donation so that Martha could "continue this good work."

Mr. Douglass states that he and is wife are visiting Berea College and would like to pay a visit to the Berry Schools if "conditions are favorable."


Milton notifies Berry that she is sending European rugs, asking that Berry send them on to Berea. Milton discusses her own taste in art, but concedes that modern things are currently more popular. She suggests that for "mountain" crafts to sell for their artistic value, rather than as charity, modern fashions should be taken into consideration.

Lucy writes to Martha about a loom that she had purchased but was wanting to sell it to the Berry Schools as it has not seen very much use.


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Mrs. Crittenden donates $10 because this is all she feels she can give now that she is interested in Crossnore.

F.W. Millspaugh writes to say that the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has formed a Mountain School Committee to help three schools, including Berry. As the chair of the committee, he asks how the organization can best help.

Martha Berry suggests that Mr. Clary see how the church is run at Berea so that he could implement some of the practices at Possum Trot Community Church. She also asks Mr. Clary if it would be possible to visit any of the staff or students that become ill enough to visit the hospital. She tells him that she has asked that report be given to her that gives her an update on those who are ill enough to be sent to the hospital.

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