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Berry writes to Cridland to let him know she does not like his plans for the Oak HIll garden, as they require demolition of Martha Freeman's house, which Berry says must be preserved because it "adds to the tradition and history of the place."


Robert Cridland lets Martha Berry know his future plans for Martha Freeman's house.


Berry writes to Carlisle about her upcoming visit to the Berry Schools, the suffering of the Berry Schools from the "Ford boom", and Berry's upcoming visit to New York.

Mr. Carlson answers a letter Miss Berry wrote about the peeling walls in her hallway and tells her the solution is to buy new material from the manufacturers. He also notes that he saw portraits for Berry and Martha Freeman at the Copley Gallery.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Nicholoy for her sympathy letter regarding the passing of her mother.

Jessie Powers writes to Martha Berry to let her know that she's been ill and will not be able to pay off her pledge before the 25th Anniversary.

Martha Berry shares the loss of her mother with Mrs. King and expresses her desire for Paul and Lula King to come to Berry.

Letter requesting donations for the construction of a guest cottage and includes the plans made by the architect. Miss Berry says that even a simple log cabin would suffice for a guest house and later a house for teachers. She also tells Miss Green about her mother's death and how she is all alone with Aunt Martha.

Berry writes to Merle Woodward thanking her for the gift of $5.00 but saying that she thinks Merle should keep it because she needs it more than Berry does. Berry assures Merle that her gift will still bring Berry blessings because it was a sacrificial gift. Berry also expresses her desire to see Merle soon, saying that Mama and Aunt Martha speak of her often.

Berry writes to Ford about her lonliness, the terrible "drouth", Martha Freeman's illness and her journeys into the mountains to visit people and entreats Ford to stop by on their next journey to Florida.

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