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Mr. Hastings writes to tell Martha Berry they are going to talk about her in the daily Biltmore message in March.

A note (probably a telegram) informing the Atlanta Constitution of the photos mailed special delivery that day.

Harllee Branch asks Miss Berry to send the photographs of the Berry Schools and grounds to be used in the Atlanta Journal in connection with the motorcade to Rome on December 10th.

Nevin thanks Martha Berry for the biography and corrections she returned to him. He makes note of the difficulties caused by the over-publicity of Mr. Fords's gift. He encloses an article published in The New York Evening Journal, stating that The Georgia will "dress it up a little more effectively." Nevin refers to Berry as "Miss Mattie."

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Coher for his suggestions on publicity for Berry.

The Berry Schools would like Mr. Blake to make a visit to the schools on the same day he is scheduled to speak ay the Chamber of Commerce in Rome, GA.

Clara Ford expresses her concern about the Atlanta Journal's misinformation on the Ford's coming to Berry next week. She promises to come soon, but she is presently concerned with building a new home. Mrs. Ford also plans to visit Mrs. Russell Hibbs, a friend of Mrs. John Hammond, in Pittsfield, MA before visiting Georgia. She wishes Miss Berry and the Campbell's to visit their (the Fords') new home.

Letter to Martha Berry from A. C. Floyd informing her that when she canceled her subscription to Atlanta Journal that she had a balance left over. She is asked to mail in the money at her earliest convenience.

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