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Martha Berry wishes to thank Mr. Small for writing an article in the Atlanta Constitution about Mr. Ford's gift to The Berry Schools. Mr. Ford has gifted some buildings for the Girls School but the buildings are not endowed, so the school is still in need of money. Miss Berry also mentions that the school has been given the wrong kind of publicity before from the Rome paper and that she is very grateful for his article as it entered into the spirit of the situation in a wonderful way.

The Atlanta Constitution covers a pictorial section story focusing on the fawns that are being raised at this farm and how they will eventually be freed throughout the North Georgia area. On the back, there are various pictures and headlines describing news in Atlanta.

An editorial from the Atlanta Constitution that discuss Henry Ford's gift to the Berry Schools. The editorial writers point out that Ford Buildings will actually increase school expenses so that Berry's supporters must continue to aid the schools.

McKoy thanks Berry for the opportunity to write the biggest story of his career. The Constitution did not use his story as written, but combined with the the story written by the Associated Press reporter, Mr. Myer. McKoy enlcoses cabon copies of his story as submitted, giving Berry permission to use it however she wishes to.

Mr. Henson congratulates Miss Berry on her Pictorial Review Award after seeing the news in the Atlanta Constitution.

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