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Letter to Martha Berry from Arthur E. Bestor concerning Miss Berry's letter asking him to recommend a photo to the Pictorial Review Achievement Award Committee. He tell Miss Berry that he would be happy to fill in the recommendation blank and send it to the committee. He also informs Miss Berry that he and Mrs. Bestor wish her well.

Author Bestor writes to Martha Berry expressing his joy that she will be visiting the Chautauqua Institution during the summer. He asks her to gives a subject for her speech and a photograph of her.

Berry writes a unusually personal and detailed letter to Hammond, sharing details about a recent trip to Chautauqua, discussing the possibility of a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine to stay with Mrs. Morris, and planning an April trip to the school by Hammond.


Emily Hammond thanks Mr. Ochs for all the work he did on a recent fundraising appeal, even though Martha Berry asked him to stop working. Hammond believes he is very talented and she is glad to be his friend.


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