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Martha Berry thanks Harry Carlson for his donation to the Chapel Fund. She also expresses her desire for him to attend their Armistice Day celebration.

Fund raising letter asking donors to endow a day to help fund one student in perpetuity. Letter assures potential donors that Berry students are "100 per cent Anglo-Saxon" and "American born".

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Goddard for her gift to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Morris for his gift to the Anglo Saxon young people of Berry. The letter is inspiring as Martha Berry describes in great detail the many benefits the gift will bring to Berry.

Martha Berry writes to thank Wm. I. Fotheringham for his aid to the "Anglo-Saxon" students at Berry.

Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Vanderbilt for the gift he sent the schools. She explains the impact that his money will have and that it is a good investment in "pure Anglo-Saxon boys and girls from the mountains".

Miss McAlpin writes to say that she wishes she could give more to Miss Berry's work. She explains that her work with a school in West New York City with foreign children so she understands the need for the "care and help that [Miss Berry] give[s]" the mountain children.

Martha Hutcheson writes to Mrs. Hammond because she cannot attend the meeting with Martha Berry. She knows how important Berry's work is, so she is encloses a $10 check to help with the work they do at the schools.


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