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American Forests Magazine will be sent as a gift from Mrs. Katharine A. Forrest.

A letter from the American Forestry Association to Martha Berry informing her of the American Forest Fire Medals. and requesting a contribution to funding the American Forest Fire Medals.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Butler about the subscription of American Forests and Forest Life that has been given to the library. She notes that it is in the library and students enjoy reading it.

Letter to Martha Berry from W. F. Caldwell asking her is she could send an advance copy of the address she is making to the American Forestry Association at their next meeting.

La Verne writes about offering to talk to the American Forestry Association meeting when she learned that Berry was unable to attend, which might have been presumptuous, but she did not want the opportunity to slip by.


Butler notifies Berry that she has been re-elected as a Vice President of the American Forestry Association for the year 1928.

Held in St. Louis, Missouri. Martha Berry one of three speakers at the banquet.

Photographs have been sent to Kauffman and Miss Gooding, as requested.

Berry regrets that she will be unable to attend the tree planting at Forest Park the afternoon of the 16th.

Ovid Butler writes to Martha while Mr. Pratt is out to acknowledge the January 12th letter and expresses joy at having Martha speak at the banquet in February. He notes that Mr. Pratt would like to visit Berry and Martha could arrange that with him at another time.

George D. Pratt writes to Martha telling her that the American Forestry Association has her down as one of the speakers are the banquet during their meeting in February. He hopes that she will be able to attend because he knows she will inspire everyone there.

On behalf of Charles Scribner's Sons, Williamson congratulates Berry on her appointment to the Vice Presidency of the American Forestry Association and offers her copies of two new books.

Ovid writes to Martha saying they would love to contribute however the education of their own children is still a problem. Ovid is familiar with Berry's work and wishes Martha continued success.

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