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In this letter Alice Logan Wingo tells Miss Bonner thath Mrs. Phifer wants "pretty pictures," giving examples of the view crossing the lake to the Foundation School and photographs that were in the "brown section" of the Constitution.

Mrs. Parrott sends a $15.00 donation to the Berry Schools in response to a request by Mr. Peabody.

Martha Berry instructs Alice Wingo to keep a strict quarantine between the Girls School and the College because several cases of measles have been reported at the College.

Berry asks Goldthwait to take Alice Wingo, who has become disabled by arthritis, as a patient.

O.P. Barbour requests musical instruments for the Girls School Orchestra.

Wingo sends Berry the $10 Mrs. Wm. H. Harrison left in her hands.

Berry describes the 25th anniversary celebration with many alumni visiting, and describes feeling happy because the boys and girls are willing to sacrifice.


Berry writes that it Warden will now have charge of all of the school's pianos, and that she will convey this information to Alice Wingo and others.

Berry writes to Wingo in regards to inviting representatives from the Madison Sanitarium to visit them the next time they come near the area. Berry expresses that she would very much like them to visit.

Carlton Colquitt sends $1.00 to Emily Hammond to assist in buying a present for Martha Berry.

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