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Shaw thanks Berry for the Christmas candy. She is sorry to hear of Frances Rhea Berry's accident, and describes her own Christmas as lonely due to the death of her mother. She reports on recent activities of her sons, Albert and Roger, and their wives, and sends good wishes for the new year.

Shaw, editor of the American Review of Reviews, contributes on behalf of himself, his wife, and their two sons, who he hopes one day will have incomes sufficient to enable them to contribute directly.

Berry writes to Albert Shaw Jr. in response to his previous letter. Shaw is informed that Mr. Terry, who submitted an article concerning moonshine and the legalization of its production to the American Review of Reviews, has been employed by the Berry Schools for eighteen months and teaches forestry and agronomy. The Schools hope that Mr. Terry has not made mention of Berry in his article; because of his short time with the Schools, they feel he is unable to speak for their work or the type of people they serve. The letter is concluded with a request that Martha Berry be allowed to read the article before it is published--if it is published.

Albert Shaw, Jr. from The American Review of Reviews asks Martha Berry for information about the author of a submitted manuscript, Mr. Elwood I. Terry. Terry's manuscript contains a theory that if whiskey can be utilized for medicinal purposes moonshiners should be permitted to make it under governmental supervision. Shawinquires as to how Berry is doing and says he would like to visit Mount Berry again soon.

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