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Harllee Branch asks Miss Berry to send the photographs of the Berry Schools and grounds to be used in the Atlanta Journal in connection with the motorcade to Rome on December 10th.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Coher for his suggestions on publicity for Berry.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Mr. Cohen to put an appeal in the AJC for the dormitory fire.

Lillie May Robinson, the Manager of the Feature Department at the Atlanta Constitution, writes to Miss Berry that Pierre Van Paassen, a columnist who writes "The World's Window," would like to visit the Berry Schools and give a lecture in Rome. She says that she does not know if there would be any fee associated with this visit and asks for Miss Berry's response to the idea.

Clark writes to Martha that he does not believe it will be possible to have any of the newspapermen come to Berry over the weekend as most will not be stopping over in Atlanta, except for one, whom he suggests she write to the Publisher of his paper.

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