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A donation for $150



A check for $150 in response to a letter asking for donations for the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Jno D McIlhenny contributed $150.



A general letter sent out asking for donations for scholarship funds to send children to Berry.

Miss Laura Allen says that she saw Martha Berry's request that donors give $150 to educate one child. Miss Allen responds to this request by sending $500 for two scholarships.

This document was enclosed with a check for $150 from Dr. Alexander to The Berry Schools

This letter is from Ben Ames Williams to Miss Berry apologizing for not making it clear in his last letter that he would like his gift of $150 to be entered in the name of his mother.


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This document contained a donation of $150 for the Berry Schools given by Mr. Ben Ames Williams

Mrs. Helms donates a $150 annual scholarship to the Berry Schools.

The letter is asking for donations to the Berry Schools. A $150 gift from Mrs. William O Campbell is recorded in the corner.

Letter asking for $150 so a young persona can go to Berry for a year, with corrected address.

This seems to be an advertisement asking for donations of $150 dollars to the Berry Schools.

A letter to Martha Berry from Helen A. Jaeger, concerning Mrs. Jaeger's last installment of $35.00 for her pledge of $150.00 to the school.

A piece of paper containing the address of Mrs. Mary P. Hoopes along with a date and the amount of $150.

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