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Hamilton writes to Martha with the final payment of the 200 dollar pledge that was made for the Georgia Drive for Berry.

Hoge reminds Whitner & Co. of their $100 installment payment due on July 1 for their pledge of $400 in Berry's drive to raise $100,000.

A letter to J. Prince Webster, reminding him of his semi-annual donation for which he had subscribed. Hoge also thanks Webster for his kind donation.

W. J. Nunnally sends $25 to the Berry Schools towards the $100,000 drive.

On June 15, 1926, E. H. Hoge, Comptroller for the Berry Schools, wrote Mr. Maddox reminding him of the $250.00 installment payment due on July 1, 1926 on his fund subscription of $1000.00. The subscription was made during the recent $100,000 drive. Mr. Maddox's kindness in subscribing is appreciated.

Letter to Leopold J. Haas and E. Arthur Haas from E. H. Hoge informing them that during the last drive for $100,000 they pledged $100 and Mr. Hoge informs them that their installment is due at the first of July of 1926. They thank them for their interest in the school.

Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Grant reminding him about his donation for the $100,000 drive for Berry.

Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Campbell about the subscription that was pledged during the recent drive by the school. It appears that Mr. Campbell just sent it back with his check of 250 dollars.

Letter to Mr. A.S. Adams from E. H. Hoge, comptroller of The Berry Schools, informing Mr. Adams that at the recent drive to raise $100,000 he pledged to give $100 in semi-annual installments. Mr. Hoge writes to him informing him that the third installment is due. Mr. Hoge also informs him that his donation is appreciated not only by Miss Berry but also by others engaged in the work of the schools.

Hoge reminds Jones of his commitment to semi-annual installments on a $100 subscription.

Mr. Hoge sends a letter to remind the Heinz family that they pledged $5,000 in the drive for $100,000. The typewritten note at the top is a receipt for the $1,250 the family owed.

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