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In this letter Alice Logan Wingo tells Miss Bonner thath Mrs. Phifer wants "pretty pictures," giving examples of the view crossing the lake to the Foundation School and photographs that were in the "brown section" of the Constitution.

Miss Wingo thanks Martha Berry for a handkerchief.

Wingo congratulates Berry on her speech to the National Education Association.

Martha Berry writes to Dean of Women Alice L. Wingo that she is pictured "in the midst of Germans" and that she wishes Wingo were there to take the mud baths. She asks Wingo to write to her care of Amercain Express in Paris.

Alice Logan Wingo thanks Martha Berry for writing to Dr. Goldwaithe on her behalf, but she is unsure whether or not she will be able to afford his services. She also advises Martha Berry to close the Girls School the last two months as a way to help with the schools financial problems.

Wingo lets Berry now that it is time for the senior girls to go into Rome to have photographs made. Wingo wishes the photographs could be made on site, but that has not been the custom.

In an undated letter, Wingo reports that Miss Sallie Brown has offered to teach a girl to make rush bottoms for chairs and stools. Wingo suggests that Berry might want to ask "Miss Sallie" to come to the school, instead.

Martha Berry writes to Alice Wingo because she did not receive the previous letter Miss Berry had sent. Martha Berry hopes that by including the information about housing that Wingo requested, she will make a definite decision to come to the school.

Alice Wingo wishes to inquire more about the Berry School, especially about her possible position and salary. She includes a list of acquaintances and former students who Martha Berry could contact as references.

Alice Wingo writes about the living arragements she and her mother may use while while staying at Berry. She would not mind doing light housekeeping in addition to teaching at the school.

Wingo is interested in the teaching position the Berry School, but she asks Martha Berry for further information, including if she may bring her mother with her.

Berry responds to Wingo's questions and concerns about living at Berry.

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