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Letter requests a copy of a picture of Colonel Roosevelt printed in the Southern Highlander be provided to the Roosevelt House Library and Museum.

Mr. Putnam had requested some missing copies of The Southern Highlander. Martha Berry is replying to his letter and regrets to inform him that Berry does not have all of the requested copies on file, but she sends those that are available under separate cover.

In this letter the staff of the Library of Congress' Periodical Division requests that Martha Berry help the LoC fill out their collection of the Southern Highlander.

Letter to Martha Berry from Margaret A. Perry informing Miss Berry that she was paying $25.00 for her Easter Contribution to the schools. She also comments on the "highlander" in reference to the needs of the schools and sates to increase her offerings as time goes on.

Peirson sends $100 for Annie H. who was mentioned on page 28 of the Spring 1928 "Southern Highlander."

Berry again thanks Orr for bringing Judge Cozart to campus and reminds him to bring Mr. Penny. A pamphlet he shared with her prompts her to ask him to write an article on wills for the Southern Highlander as a way to encourage supporters to remember Berry in their wills more generously, as they do for Tuskegee and Hampton Institute.

Secretary of Nancy Hanks Memorial Association, Mrs. Grannis, writes to the gentleman of Berry Schools asking for the latest copy of the Southern Highlander as well as for anything else "in the way of publicity."

After Miss Manley read the Spring 1928 "Southern Highlander" she was inspired to send Miss Berry $100 for her uplifting work.

Miss Grace L. Morrison loans a Southern Highlander to her neighbor who becomes very interested in the school and sends $15 along with Miss Morison's $5.

Loomis thanks Berry for the Christmas remembrance and advises that he has sent to the school 10 dozen pails of candy and 10 boxes of chocolate bells for Christmas.

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