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Carpenter encloses partial annual payment for the Dr. Julia W. Carpenter Scholarship.

Callaway encloses an installment on the annual scholarship in the name of Dr. Enoch Callaway.

Elisabeth Achelis sends $5000 to establish two scholarships for boys in memory of her brother Frederic George Achelis who died in September.

Mrs. Coye encloses a $300 cheque to provide two scholarships - one boy and one girl - for one year.

Hawkes responds to a solicitation for a scholarship for Eugene.

Martha Berry appeals to Mrs. Smith to donate money to the school or to create a scholarship so they can continue to educate the "crude and untrained" children of the area.

Meacham writes to Berry because he is sending her a photograph of his son, Robert to go along with the scholarship recently set up in his honor.

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