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This letter was written to the Berry Schools with a check for 25 dollars from the Women's Biblel Class at Bethel Presbyterian Church with their best wishes for continuing the work the Berry Schools do.

Martha writes to Mrs. Anthony to thank her for the gift that she sent to Berry.



Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Allison for her gift.


This is a thank you letter to Mr. Arkwright from Miss Berry thanking him for sending The Berry Schools an electric range. She also invites him to visit sometime soon so he can see the girls using it.

Martha Berry lets Miss Adams know that she is staying at Berry during the summertime and thanks her for the gift she sent.

A letter from Martha Berry to Milly Adams, thanking Ms. Adams for a gift.


Martha Berry addresses "Friend," sharing information about Berry Schools in hopes of receiving a gift in return. We assume $5 was gifted in return from "Anon" on November 28, 1928.

Mr. Herbert L. Aldrich of New York City sent $50 in response to an appeal letter sent by Martha Berry.

Martha Berry shares information about Berry Schools in hopes of recieving a gift in return.

Agnes writes to Martha to have her name changed on the books to Agnes Webster and that she has enclosed a check.

Annie Thorp writes Martha Berry to thank her for the gift of cotton balls and to discuss the warm winter she was experiencing in Cambridge, MA.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Stetson for her gift in memory of her late mother and asks that she and her husband visit the schools.



Mary Spencer writes to Martha with a check for the schools and a comment about the Southern HIghlander.

This is a thank you letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. Schlotman thanking her for her gift. She also asks that she tell her friends about the needs The Schools are facing in hopes that The Schools will get more funding.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Pickman for his gift; she writes about the promise of the young people being educated; she requests that Mr. Pickman tell his friends about Berry, and finally she asks him to visit the school.

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