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Martha thanks Mrs. Hall for the package of clothing sent to the Berry Schools. She says that the seven hundred boys and girls are working hard, and she hopes to keep every one of them in school.

Martha Berry writes to acknowledge the gift of a package of clothing, and to apologize that her previous letter was not received.

Mr. Walker writes to ask Miss Berry if she has received a package of clothing weighing 19 pounds. He fears it may have been wrongly addressed but he wanted to ask if it had been received before starting a tracer.


Martha writes to Mr. Walker to inform him the school received the package of clothing that Mrs. Walker sent in January since there was no receipt to inform them sooner.


Gift of a blue cloak to Martha Berry.



Letter from Miss Sarah Steward to Martha Berry, referencing a clothes donation and Berry's publication in "Southern Highlander."

Miss Clara L. Snow informs Martha Berry that she should be receiving a box of old clothes soon. She also sends a check for $150 for a scholarship and reports on Mr. and Mrs. Ford, dancing, and a new automobile.

Donation of used clothing, and requesting quote for chimes, and want to know if Berry received check for $500.00.


Martha thanked Mr. Henry for his donation and affirmed it would be given to the students he had specified. She also thanked him for his donation of clothing.

Letter to Martha Berry telling of donation of second hand clothing to the children at Berry.

E. D. Scott writes to The Berry Schools to ask them to advise her whether or not the suitcase full of clothing that she sent on April 13th had arrived.

Berry thanks Sloane for the gift of clothing and expresses her hope that it will be possible for him to donate chimes for the Chapel.

A letter acknowledging a gift of shoes.

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