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A letter from Lee Webb reassuring Bessie Bonner of a printing order.

Letter in regards to the printing of some booklets about the Berry Schools. Mr. Webb asks if Miss Bonner wishes to place an order for the booklets as well as the Highlanders or if the booklets are to be included in the Highlander. He also gives her an update on the health of Mr. Martin and hopes that she has fully recovered from her automobile accident.

Letter discussing the content and printing of the summer Highlander.

Martha Berry writes to Bessie Bonner with a rough sketch for the summer Highlander cover to meet with her approval.

Martin, of The Printing House of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc., writes about a photograph for the cover of the Summer issue of the Highlander. Martin addresses Bonner as "Miss Berry Bonner".

This letter contains information about the most recent edition of the Highlander at Berry College. The author informs Berry Schools that the remainder of the shipments are being made. Mr. Martin ends by asking for the materials for the Mothers' Day issue of the Highlander.

Martin, of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc., advises that cover page proofs for the spring issue of the Highlander have been sent and discusses content needed in order to complete production of the issue.

Letter of donation for $5.00 to be used as seen best.

Mary Spencer writes to Martha with a check for the schools and a comment about the Southern HIghlander.

Aiken, General Passenger Agent for the Southern Railway System, asks that the copy of the Southern Highlander used in the observation car of the Birmingham Special be replaced, as it is in poor condition.

Henry T. Sloane writes to ask which of the applicants featured in the Spring 1928 Southern Highlander has not yet been funded, as all seem so worthy he cannot decide which to help.

Miss Berry explains how the contribution of the donor will be used for the students.

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