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A thank you letter to Miss Schnabel in Sharon, Connecticut, thanking her for sending knitting wool to the boys and girls working towards gaining their education. The letter is unsigned, but it is assumed it was written and sent by Martha Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs Olmsted for donating a nice collection books which were added to the Foundation School's library

Martha Berry expresses her heartfelt thanks for Miss Kintz's $100 gift.

Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Lawrence for telling others about the schools and encouraging them to donate, especially Mrs. Rockefeller. She also says the campus is beautiful, but it is quiet since the term has just ended.

A thank you note to the DAR friends appreciating 252.50 dollars that was attributed by the DAR chapters in Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Martha Berry and Berry Schools receives a thank you letter from a Mr. Duke of B. N. Duke in New York. Miss. Berry and the girls of Berry School sent Mr. Duke fudge in his time of sickness.

Miss Kinzer thanks Miss Berry for her Christmas greeting, and expresses regret that she cannot contribute to the school. She mentions the passing of her sister, and her sorrow at being entirely alone now.

The letter mentions a spread that was sent to Mrs. Lazear, possibly after being repaired, as well as a runner and other items that were lent to the school. Handwritten at bottom of letter is a note to send a receipt for $50 to Jesse Lazear.

Martha Berry sends appreciation letter in regard to donations received from Essex Chapter for $150.00, Regent-Mrs. Hussey for $150.00 and Peggy Warne Chapter for $5.00


This is a thank you letter written from Jennie M. Lang to Miss Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr Liebold and Mr Ford for their donations and asks Mr Liebold about his plans to come south in February so that she will be at home for his visit.

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