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Berry encloses $15 and asks Gray to use it to send Charlie Claxton's sister to Berry, where she will have a full scholarship with board and tuition.

E. B. Maguire, secretary to Mrs. Hammond, writes to Miss Berry, sends $300 for two scholarships in the name of Gertrude Moore Richards and tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Hammond is probably send more money for scholarships in surplus of the endowment fund.

Winthrop encloses his Christmas offering of two scholarships, one for a boy and one for a girl.

Woodman encloses a $300 donation, mentioning that her health is good except for attacks of lumbago and that she will soon turn 85.

Winthrop is interested in increasing her scholarship gift in honor of her mother, Elizabeth Winthrop.

Wheeler encloses a scholarship contribution, commenting that she hopes the children are well trained in housework because there is great need for domestic workers.

M. Tompkins requests information concerning receipt of a check sent for three scholarships.

Palmer encloses payment for two installments on his portion of the Theodore Palmer Scholarship and seeks Berry's advise about how to set up an endowed scholarship with contributions by his brother and sister. On New York Times letterhead.

Lucy asks Berry whether it is time send a check for The Rev. John Ehrick Parmly scholarship.

Muse encloses partial payment for the 1926-1927 Muse Scholar.

A letter to Mrs. Lawrence thanking her for her donation of $150 for a scholarship and establishment of other yearly scholarships as well. Mrs. Lawrence returned the letter with her understanding of the agreement.

Ethel DuBois encloses her annual $150 scholarship, in memory of her aunt and uncle. She mentions a pamphlet that featured a student named Eugene. If he has not received a scholarship, she would like for hers to go to Eugene, but knows that other students will be in need if Eugene has been taken care of.

Berry writes in thanks for a gift from the Ohio Society Daughters of the American Revolution that completes an endowed scholarship.


A letter enclosing a check from the Ohio Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution for a scholarship at Berry.


Miss Greenwood sends $150.00 for a scholarship for a student of the Berry Schools.

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