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Martha writes to Miss Rudd that her back is doing better, and to tell her she is sending literature about the schools.

Letter from Madeline Liquori from Washington Irving High School asking for information on the Berry Schools and the mountainers for their studies.


In this response letter, Miss Berry states that she will send leaflets and a few copies of the Southern Highlander to Mr.Krishnayya, for which he requested.

Miss Berry sends some literature to the company and asks for help in finding some musical instruments for the Berry Schools music department.

Mr. Holt thanks Miss Bonner for sending him reprints of "The Fame of Berry" and asks her to send more literature, including the "History of the Berry School," "Pilgrimage to Berry," the Fall 1926 Highlander and documents written by Maude Gardner and John Henry Fulghum. He also asks when the Silver Anniversary celebration will be held, and explains that it may be difficult for him to attend because of the Episcopal Diocesan Convention, but promises that he is more interested in The Berry Schools than ever.

Martha writes to tell Anne she will be sending literature about the Berry school.


Letter to The Hoover Co. from Martha Berry informing them that she sent them some literature concerning the schools and the work that they do for children in the south. Miss Berry informs them they they run the school by voluntary contributions but that they aren't always able to buy everything they need to run the schools. Therefore, she is writing to them to see if they would not donate a new hoover for use at the schools. She assures that if such a donation were made that it would be greatly appreciated.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Hanna while Miss Berry is away with information about how the school is run and a little background of the school. They also writes under separate cover literature about the school.

Dr. Fechtig writes to Miss Berry to express his interest in visiting the Berry Schools as well as in a letter from Charlie B. from a Southern Highlander. He asks for more details about Charlie so he can generate more interest.

Martha Berry thanks Dr Fechtig for his hospitality and kindness during her trip to New York. She states that she is sending him some literature about The Berry Schools, and also invites him to visit

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Wever some literature on information she had asked for previously. It seems like Mrs. Wever is going to write an article on the Berry Schools. Martha Berry also explains when and why she started the Berry Schools in this letter.

Telegram to the Berry Schools form Henrietta Von Noy, publicity chairman for the Pasadena Chapter of the DAR, asking them to send literature about the schools because their chapter of the DAR is to have a report on the schools that the National Society supports.

Mr. Wart ask for literature descriptive of the "Verry" Schools sent to him.

Martha Berry replies to Mr. Spencer's request for some literature and encourages him to give any gift, no matter how small.


Spencer writes to Berry requesting information on the growth and work of the Berry Schools because he is particularly interested in self-supported schools.

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