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Martha Berry writes to Miss Emily O. Butler about a donation to rebuild the main dormitory at the Foundation School that was lost by fire.

$50.00 donation towards the rebuilding of the dormitory.

$5.00 donation towards rebuilding the dormitory building.

Mr. Armleder responds to Miss Berry's letter with a $25.00 donation towards the new dormitory.

Laura Allen writes that she is donating $500, $200 more than the previous year, because of a fire at the school and a drought the previous summer. She then hopes for better weather in the future for the schools.

Mr. Bacon gave $50 to the schools to help rebuild the dormitory and wanted Martha Berry to keep up the positive attitude.

Donation of $500.00 from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson towards rebuilding the dormitory.

This is a letter to friends of Martha Berry asking for donations due to a recent fire that burnt down a dormitory for 75 boys. Miss Berry expresses that they need to build a fire-proof building by September 1st.

The letter thanks Mr. Samuel Hilles for his donation to the school that went into a fund to help build another dormitory for the students.

Martha Berry informs the recipients that the school has just lost its main dormitory to a fire. She asks for help in rebuilding the dormitory and making it fire-proof.

A contributor helps support the rebuilding of the lost dormitory.

Harriet Hammond writes to Martha Berry because she has heard much about the schools from her sister-in-law. She is very sad about the destroyed dormitory and has enclosed a donation for the school.


Martha Berry sends a letter of thanks to everyone in the Preparatory Department for their kind donation towards rebuilding the burned down dormitory.

Mary Hardy encloses a check to donate towards the restoration of the burned dormitory.

Martha Berry lets her friend know that the school just lost their main dormitory in a fire. She is looking for any help she can get to rebuild the dormitory, this time making it fire-proof, so that the boys will be able to continue their education.

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