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Rosa L. Davenport asks about the package from Miss Berry containing clothing and books for her Rural School.

Letter from Martha Berry regretting she cannot send any help financially but will send a package of clothing to help Mrs. Davenport's students.

Martha Berry sends some literature of The Berry Schools to Mrs. Coomes and tells her that they can use clothing for the 900 students at the schools.

This is a letter of gratitude from Martha Berry thanking Dr. Carpenter for the scholarship money that she sent. Miss Berry also mentions how helpful clothing donations can be.

Dr. Carpenter encloses a contribution for her sister Julia's scholarship. She reminds Berry that she has offered a winter coat for a teacher quoted in the Highlander as not having had a new one in nine years.

Inez asks "Miss Bessie" to send a list of names Mr. Cutting recommended for Berry Trustees. Bonner writes that Berry is "pretty well and has been lovely all the time." She describes a dinner event, her health, and the weather. On Hotel Gotham stationery.

Berry sends instructions to Bonner, including asking her to rush to New York movies, a blue gingham uniform, and a pink sun bonnet that will fit Inez.

Miss Berry explains to Mr. Atkins that Berry can accept old clothing as long as they are not soiled or too worn.


Miss Berry writes to Harden & Rourk thanking them for the box of clothing they sent and inviting them to visit The Berry Schools.


This is a thank you letter to Mrs. A. S. Hewitt from Martha Berry thanking her for sending a box of clothing to The Schools. She also invites Mrs. Hewitt to visit Berry whenever she can.

The Berry Schools thank Mrs. McMath for her donation of clothing.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Chadwick for her package of clothing, shoes and books and lets her know that they will be well used and appreciated.

Martha Berry writes Anna M. King to thank her for her check and for the package of clothing she sent as a donation on the Berry Schools' 25th Anniversary.

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