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Pearl Cochrane writes to Berry on behalf of Mrs. S. P. Harbison. She is sending a one-hundred dollar donation to Berry.

W.G. Homan sends five dollars to Martha Berry. He wishes it could be more and hopes to find more from his friends soon.


Martha Berry sends a letter of thanks to everyone in the Preparatory Department for their kind donation towards rebuilding the burned down dormitory.

HGH sends the final donation of his pledge amount.


Mary Hardy encloses a check to donate towards the restoration of the burned dormitory.

The girls at the Hathaway-Brown School send a check for $75 in response to the fire at Berry. They couldn't send more due to their own school fund for a new building. The letter and gift were sen by the school by the request of Anne T. Brewer.

Martha Berry writes to thank Mr. Hatfield for his kind donation and tells him she thinks it will be a successful year at Berry.

Mrs. Hartley sends Martha Berry a small donation, which is all she can afford to send. She expresses her interest in Miss Berry's work and wishes her nothing but the success she deserves.

Martha Berry sends a letter of thanks to Mr. Nixon for the donation he has sent to Berry.


Emily Hammond's 1926 letter includes a cheque (check) from Mrs.(?) Cushing to Berry and indicates they will appreciate receiving Miss Berry's "lovely letters." Hammond then thanks Miss Berry for the Kodak pictures and the Alumni Magazine, and she also suggests Miss Berry bring or ship the movie from "the meeting" a few days ahead of her arrival.


Mrs. William Sloane is sorry to miss meeting Martha Berry because she will be away, but she is sending Emily a check for one hundred dollars to pass along to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for a recent contribution. Martha Berry is worried that the school has gotten some negative publicity lately for having well-known donors and other donors have started sending their money elsewhere. Berry also mentions that her mother and her "old black Mammy" aren't very well, so she tries to stay close to the schools.


Emily V. Hammond writes that the names of those who contributed the $26.00 will be sent later.



Jeanie Cotton writes to Mrs. Hammond because she cannot come to hear Martha Berry speak as she will be traveling. She asks Hammond to pass along the enclosed check to Berry in her absence.


Meacham would like to help pay for a young girl to attend the Berry Schools, and asks to be provided with information about the particular student her contribution is used to help. Meacham is visiting her daughter Edith and her husband Reuben Hitchcock, who is stationed in Portland with the Signal Corps. Meacham also inquires whether or not Berry has any homespun linen available.

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