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In this letter Robert Bonniwell sends a donation of twenty-five dollars and wishes Miss Berry success in her work.

Money raised is designated for the endowment and has been sent to Mrs. Hammond. Packages purchased at Saks for Christmas as well as candle holders and candles from the dinner are being sent to the school and are to be kept unopened.

Inez writes to Miss Bonner to tell her that Miss Berry wants to put Dr. Norwood's sermon about Berry in the Southern Highlander just like it was in the printed leaflets. She also sends a list of people Miss Berry wishes pine, candy or cake sent to.

Miss Berry asked Inez to write this letter about some glassware for her personal home. It says that the Highlanders have been received.

He has just received the latest Highlander and acknowledges the splendid work of the Berry Schools therefore he is enclosing a $25 donation.

Letter from Miss L. Willock contributing $100 Annuity Bond in the name of Miss Helen Burns.

Wheeler regrets that she cannot send money, but does send one of the books the library needs from the list in the Southern Highlander. She alerts Berry to the death of Miss Whitfield and sends news of the illness of Anna Grimes, her companion's daughter.

Julia Wheeler writes to Martha with a donation to help a student at Berry.

Letter to Martha Berry from A.A. Welch informing her that he received a copy of the Southern Highlander and it made him wonder when he last paid his subscription and wonders if Miss Berry might be able to tell them.

Mrs. Ada S. van Vechter asks if Martha Berry received the suit of clothes she sent previously. She also sends another small box containing some dresses.

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