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Recipient paid The Berry Schools $131.72 by someone whose signature is illegible.

Lillian Beale sends a $150 check to Berry, writing that it should be used for a scholarship as described in the article she enclosed. The article describes the cutting down of the summer work program and tells the stories of several girls who have lost their jobs at Berry. It proposes that ten to fifteen scholarships of $150 each would help these girls continue their work and education.

Bartholomew acknowledges Berry's note about the Three Arts Club scholarship. She expresses appreciation for her recent visit as a Pilgrim, although she was surprised to find that Berry was not able to sing the school songs. She requests copies of several publications to send to friends and commits to accomplishing "something worthwhile" for Berry within the year.

Bartholomew, Three Arts Club Auxiliary President, encloses a scholarship donation.

Achelis encloses her annual contribution of two scholarships, one for a boy and one for a girl. She regrets that family commitments prevent her from attending the Berry dinner, but she will tune in to the radio broadcast and receive a report from Dr. and Mrs. Myers, who are attending.

Wentz encloses a scholarship donation.

Veitch writes to say that she and Mrs. Whitaker are packing items to send to Berry. She asks for confirmation that Martha Berry wishes to education pupils in Christianity as well as practical matters, and wonders if it is too late for her to support a pupil.

A letter asking for the generosity of friends in sponsoring a child to attend Berry, as there is a long waiting list of children hoping for a spot as a scholarship student at The Berry Schools. She requests $150 in order to fully support a student for a year. Mr. F.A. Sherwood made a donation of $150.

Mrs. Ross funds an endowed scholarship in response to the "Who Will Help Nora?" solicitation.

Page encloses a contribution for the Mary F. Cox scholarship from Cox's children.

Record of McCormick's donation in response to the twenty-fifth anniversary solicitation.

Berry asks if Loomis will consider funding a scholarship for Herbert C.

Harrah wishes to set up a scholarship that will go to a girl of about 15, in memory of her daughter of that age. She inquires whether the school can use books she has

Berry thanks Mrs. Harrah for the scholarship in memory of her daughter, Hester Lela Harrah, and looks forward to Mrs. Harrah's planned to visit the school.

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