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In the first of the two letters within this set, Mrs. Roop writes about the parcel she and her husband sent of nearly new shoes to help the boys of the school. She also comments on a gift she received from two Berry School girls while they visited and requests names and information of the young ladies. In the second letter Miss Berry expresses her thanks for the shoes, and states she does not know the name of the two little girls the Roops might be referring to.

Martha Berry tells Miss Robertson that she appreciates her interest in the Berry Schools and her donations. She explains that a gift of $150 will provide for one student for a year, and that any gift will be appreciated.

Martha writes to Mr. Oches that they have recieved his letter with contributions from several people thank him for his assistance in gathering gifts for the school. She also encloses the letters of thanks for those who gave gifts for Mr. Ochs files.

Letter thanks Miss Moores for her interest and her gifts.


Mrs. Mitchell responds to an appeal letter from Martha Berry which expresses her appreciation for the Mitchells' past gifts and appeals for a $150 scholarship. Mrs. Mitchell's secretary responds with a $5.00 donation and a request the the schools sign and return the receipt.

Martha Berry writes to thank Emily Kimball for her gift and ask her to give a Scholarship in memory of her father and mother.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Langzetter thanking her for sending the cards and toys. Her gifts were given to the children in the mountains for Christmas.

Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Lawrence for her continued interest in Berry and for her contribution.


Mrs Donnelley encloses a $25 gift and expresses an interest in the young people of the south.



Wm. Colgate donates $100 in response to a letter from Miss Martha Berry asking for assistance for the Berry land while facing a severe drought.

Martha Berry shows her appreciation to the Recipients for their past support of the Berry School. She explains that One Hundred Fifty will keep a student in school for a year. She asks for the recipients support.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Brown thanking her for the gifts that have been sent to the schools in the past. She hopes that Mrs. Brown will send another gift, and any gift will be appreciated.


This letter was sent to Ms. Berry thanking her for a jar of blackberry jelly she sent and also to wish the schools well.

This letter contains information on what gifts came in on this date.


A thank you letter from Martha Berry to E. G. Liebold, the General Secretary of Henry Ford, to express appreciation at the speed of the arrangements Mr. Liebold made in getting an unspecified gift from Mr. and Mrs. Ford to Berry.

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