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Receipt for checks forwarded by Hammond and credited to the second endowed day for Mrs. Waldo Richards.


Hammond writes about several gifts that are to be used for scholarships and an endowed day in memory of Mrs. Waldo Richards, and provides detailed information about plans for the pilgrimage.


Berry thanks Winthrop for her gift of $2500 to endow a day in honor of her mother. She would love to have the photograph Winthrop offered to place in one of the buildings for the boys and girls to see. She suggests that an additional day could be endowed if Winthrop wished to make a bequest.

In this letter the Berry Schools thank Mrs. Torrington for acknowledging them in her will.

Martha Berry writes to thank Emily Kimball for her gift and ask her to give a Scholarship in memory of her father and mother.

In this letter V.E. Macy tells Martha Berry that they have enclosed one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars for half of the Endowed Day. Macy also asks that the day be in their mother's name. Finally Macy thanks Martha Berry for the cake.

In this letter Martha Berry is sending her greviances to Mr. Crane for the loss of his mother. She also sends a pamphlet about endowing a day after her for twenty five hundred dollars.

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