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Martha Berry writes Bertha Hoersch asking for donations because of the intense drought. Bertha Hoersch replies with a donation of $5.

Kate S. Hinkle donates $20.


Mrs. Hilsinger write Miss Berry in order to make a donation toward the "hard knock" boy she read about in the advertizement.

A letter asking Mrs. Hills for any donations she can spare, as a drought has put Berry Schools in danger of having to close. Mrs. Hills responded with sympathy and a donation.

Miss Berry is extending thanks to Mrs. Hejinian for her gift of $5.00.


E. C. Heidrich, Jr. sends a donation of $150.00 to the Berry Schools.

This letter is written to Martha Berry from Valentine E. Macy, Jr. about an emergency donation that is being sent to the Berry Schools. The need for the emergency donation is not mentioned, but Macy states that the account that was made for the purpose of emergency donations.

Miss Mary T. McLean sends a $15 check for a specific student, unless his expenses are already taken care of, in which case the money could go towards any student who needed it.


Miss Berry is asking if some of the funds left by the late Ellen F. Neson could be distributed to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Mckay sends one dollar, and she hopes the Schools will send her a copy of the Berry magazine.

Miss McCormick donated $500 to the Berry Schools by returning a donation letter sent to her by Martha Berry.


The letter is thanking Mrs. Kriegshaber for her donation of books to the library as well as the photographs she enclosed with it.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Kopperl for her $150 gift and informs her that it is actions such as her that keep Miss Berry going. She thanks her for her sacrifice at this trying time and says that she would love to come visit her the next time she is in New York. Miss Berry thanks her again for her Christmas gift and wishes her many blessings in life.

Kohnstamm encloses a donation, making it clear that it was not prompted by reminders send, but by his aim to support worthy activities.


Martha Berry asks for help and explains how different amounts of money will help the school in different ways and asks the recipient to donate. The handwritten note at the bottom says that Mrs. Edward S. Kent has donated $100.

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